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Alisa Cunningham is a native Arizonan who has spent her eighteen years career fighting for abandoned and neglected children.  Alisa is a graduate of  the Master's in Public Administration program at the Eller College at the University of Arizona, and an eighteen year veteran of the Division of Children and Family Services.  Alisa is a community volunteer with youth athletics, her neighborhood association, and youth advocacy, as well as a longtime supporter of public education.  Alisa's tucson eastside roots go back several decades and she understands the eastside community and the justice system. Alisa, her husband Paul, and their boys Joseph, Kyle and Lute have lived on tucson's eastside for the past six years.   


“…people should not feel intimidated in court, they should be treated with dignity and respect…”



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Working for the Department of Child and Family Safety for the past eighteen years I have encountered a lot of courtrooms and a lot of lawyers. A few years ago, while working a very complicated and detailed case, I found myself  in a courtroom with five lawyers and a judge contemplating an outcome. While the lawyers and judges were very professional, they were relying on case workers to decide outcomes.  It was at that time, I thought, “why not me?  Why can't I be a judge and preside in a courtroom?”  This is why I have decided to enter the race.  As a veteran of the justice system, I know that people should not feel intimidated in court; they should be treated with dignity and respect, and the court officers should work to close their cases as efficiently as possible, while being thorough and serving justice.

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 James Charnesky/Flickr

James Charnesky/Flickr